Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Kimono Inspired

This past weekend our FANE group had another fabulous exhibit as part of the Northern Star Quilter's Guild annual show.  We were in a separate room at the end of the hall.  It was a great space with plenty of room for the kimonos on their stands to be displayed and ample space to walk around them.  Our wonderfully talented leader, Jane Davila came up with this idea, as she did our Totems last year.

I was amazed at the diversity that was displayed.  Each artist had their own interpretation.  The only "rules" were that it be made to a specific size and that it would drape over the wooden stand.  Some were quilted, some were sheer, some were surface design, some were painted, some used paper, some were multilayered. Each one was a reflection of its maker and all were stunning.

I had seen most of the pieces before the show, but I still gasped in amazement when I walked into the room and saw them all together on the stands. 

So now I give you all of them in their great glory.  If I know a little about the process, I will include it.

Be sure to click on the pictures for a bigger view.

Andrea Shedletsky-Color Play Andrea used silks and batiks with her impeccable machine piecing.

Barbara Drillck--Ao To Shiro No Kimono  Barbara studied in Japan many years ago and used some Japanese fabric.

Barbara Sferra--Untitled.  Barbara poured paint over scrunched fabric to achieve this effect.

Carole Hoffman--Icy Damask  Carole used a piece of fabric that she had snow-dyed.

Carolyn Speigel--Night and Day side one

Carolyn Spiegel--Night and Day  Side Two

Cecelia Leiseroff--Foo Kimono

Cindy Green --Prana (Life Force) Mother Nature's Tunic This had multilayered sheer fabrics with many surprises such as feathers, dragon flies, fish and snakes.

Claire Oehler--Rainbow

Donna Chambers-- Tribute to Cheryl side 2
Donna Chambers--Tribute to Cheryl  side 1

Frances Osinoff--Untitled

Jamie Horikowa --Anger and Confusion  Jamie's was one of the few that was quilted and she used her lovely shibori fabric.

Joanne Lubchenko--Untitled

Jane Davila--Invisible Light

Joyce Sullivan--Vines

Judy Gignessi --Midnight   Judy used sheer "prom dress" fabric that had sparkles as her base..

Natalya Aikens--Under/Over Natalya  Natalya is famous for using recycled things in her work.  In this piece she has sewn on plastic shopping bags and has printed photos on sheer organza for the sleeves.

Nancy Mirman--Untitled  Nancy has used handmade paper for some strips and has felted roving onto silk for the center panel.

Paula West--Sakura  Paula has used Japanese printed fabric for her piece.  Side 1

Paula West-- Sakura --side 2

Renee Fleuranges Valdes  Pathways-- Renee's piece is another one that has beautiful quilting.

Sonia Reiber  Flowered Kimono

Mary Ann Healy--Kimono Gone Tutu  This one made everyone smile.

Viven Zepf--Shards  the body was painted and stamped and the sleeves are open-work.

Nike Cutsumpas--Kimono Foliage Nike also used sheer fabric as as base for her beautiful leaves.
Lynda Long--Mother Hen
Martha Buhl--  White Crane Spreads its Wings

Norma Schlager Indigo Shibori  Norma used shibori fabric that she had made.

We didn't know how we would come up with something that would equal last year's very successful Totem exhibit, but I think we sure did.  How will we ever top this?!


Cynthia said...

Congratulations! These are beautiful!

Elin said...

Love Norma's and Nancy's!

Lisa Chin said...

This is a brilliant idea and very beautiful. Great job ladies!

Carol said...

What a fabulous exhibit! So many creative pieces and what a cool way to display!

Maartje Quilt said...

A real amazing exhibit. I love all this different kimonos. You must have been proud to see them all together!

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