Monday, April 14, 2014

Architectural Elements at Etui

Every year our group, under the wise tutelage of our leader, Jane Davila, puts on a show.  Previously the exhibits had been at the gallery in the Mahopac Library, a very good spot with a large reception room.  It seems that that space has become so popular that they will only allow a group to exhibit every other year.  We had to come up with a new venue.  Many ideas were thrown around and then Jane's friend, Julie Saviano, was about to open a new fiber shop in Larchmont, NY. called Etui Fiber Arts. It would carry some fabrics, yarns and other fiber related items and would have a small gallery in front.  It sounded perfect. And it was!  We decided on the theme of Architectural Elements and the size was restricted to 14" wide by no more than 20" high.  There would also be some pedestals and some members opted to make freestanding pieces that would fit into narrow wooden stands.

Julie will put up a new show every month so this one will come down at the end of this month, April. It is a lovely show and well worthy of a visit and you may even find something to purchase in this wonderful new shop.

Here are the quilts, in no particular order:

Venice Window by Barbara Sferra

Rapunzel by Sonia Rieber

Long Nook Beach by Carolyn Spiegel

Portal by Claire Oehler

Venice Threatened: Acqua Alta 2013 by Paula West

Sunrise, Sunset by Nancy Mirman

Green Door by Gail Ellspermann

Opportunity by Jane Davila

Windows on My World by Donna Chambers

Lloyd Wright or Mondrian by Judy Gignesi

Ancient Architecture by Martha Buhl

les fleurs de coin by Vivien Zepf

New York City Windows by Cecelia Leiseroff

City Breeze by Natalya Aikens

Stone Bench by Carole Hoffman

Chrysler Building: Tower Lights and Elevator Door by Joyce Sullivan

Gateway (Red Gate) by Christine Wilhelm

Tuscan Window by Cindy Green

Grandeur by Ann Louise Lyman

Outside the Box by Barbara Drillick

Favela by Norma Schlager

Access by Nike Cutsumpas

Just Knock, I Am Here For You by Renee Fleuranges-Valdes

Built by Kathi Jahnke