Sunday, September 12, 2010

paired words challenge

The first in series of challenges that our group has participated in this summer and fall is the Pair Word Challenge. Everyone who wanted to participate threw their name in a "hat" and was randomly paired with another member. Then one of the pair got to pull a random word from that "hat". Each pair of members interpreted the word on their own, without any conversation with their partner, except for a discussion on size in some cases.

A our last meeting the art quilts were revealed and it was very interesting to see how different or similar the interpretations were.

Here is a look at the pairs. Ann Louise Lyman and Nancy Mirman

Gail Ellspermann and Carole Hoffman

Linda Long (Linda's partner could not participate)

Norma Schlager and Natalya Aikens

Cindy Green and Martha Buhl

Claire Oehler and Barbara Sferra

Jamie Horikawa and Cecelia Leiseroff

Maxine Oliver and Debbie Bein

Micki Tedeschi and Mary Ann HealeyJane Davila and Judy GignesiVivien Zepf and Joyce Sullivan Fran Osinoff and Joanne Lubchenko